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Here are just a few of the projects where we have assisted our clients in meeting their needs.

Our consultants created an Management System that the client has used to achieve ISO 17799/27001 certification and compliance with both SOX and J-SOX

Our consultants developed and documented IT processes in preparation for a Sarbanes/Oxley Audit.

At Blue Cross our consultants assisted our clients with identifying key IT components and verified they met with HIPAA compliance requirements

Our consultants reviewed and documented Donnelley’s financial systems for Sarbanes/Oxley. After completing this task we were asked to assist in the testing for Corporate Donnelley and Moore Wallace, a company Donnelley merged with.

Our consultants performed Design and Operational effectiveness testing to qualify Sarbanes/Oxley IT systems.

Nippon Express USA, Inc. Management System

RR Donnelley Sarbanes/Oxley IT Audit

Blue Cross/Blue Shield HIPAA DR Project

Exelon Sarbanes/Oxley Process development

Boeing World Headquarters Sarbanes/Oxley IT Audit

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This project list is just the tip of the iceberg. Contact us with your needs and let us tell you how we can assist you in meeting your goals.